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Islands of Richness with Silverlight on an ASP.NET page

I stumbled across this great tutorial by Brad Adams, titled ‘Islands of Richness with Silverlight on an ASP.NET page‘. Step by step it walks you through using and customising the ASP.NET MediaPlayer control and shows your how video can be added to an ASP.NET website.

Addendum: On the subject of Silverlight, this is an interesting development from Microsoft.



I attended the Microsoft Mix:UK event in London recently (11 – 12 September). During the various sessions, .NET 3.5, Silverlight and the Live APIs were all heavily showcased. The highlights of the two day event were the sessions lead by Scott Guthrie, a manager within Microsoft’s Developer Division, who showed how to build Silverlight applications within .NET, and the lovely free “thank you” gifts from Microsoft: full copies of Windows Vista Ultimate and Expression Studio! Now I just need a more powerful PC to install them on.

Hopefully they will be posting videos of the sessions I missed in the very near future.